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ArtVisions presents art by artists who want to expand their reach and generate additional income, while at the same time helping manufacturers and publishers enhance their products. A win-win proposition.

For years ArtVisions' strategy was to balance the interests of manufacturers and artist by featuring the artist as the primary point of interest.

Recently, we were thinking about altering our strategic approach along one of three options:

  • artist
  • product
  • art subject/style,

...and selecting the one that best serves the artist and the market.

We settled on adding "art subject/style" as an additional way to help manufacturers choose the best art for their markets.



ArtVisions' mission is to support your goal of offering high quality items that make an impact in the marketplace.

We license compelling original artwork in a wide variety of media and styles, ranging from pointillist fine art landscapes by Canadian artist Lawrie Dignan, to complex digital vector designs by Milman Design Studio.

The foregoing are complemented by paintings in watercolor, oil, acryllic, pastels, as well as wonderful photography featuring wild West scenes and animals, and stunning East Coast bird-life photos from nature photographer Matt Cuda.

Artworks shown on the SUBJECT pages have been especially selected from our extensive catalog of images for your use.