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    Most Artists Are Exclusively Represented by ArtVisions

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    In order to keep prices reasonably low, we offer non-exclusive, world-wide licenses. Because we operate as a boutique licensing source, it is unlikely that you will need exclusive licenses. But, we offer an option for exclusivity for your product-type, incurring a slightly higher licensing fee.

    "Boutique", as we use it here, means that access to the image gallery service is semi-private and a small group of pre-qualified artists are represented.

    We will be using imagery primarily from a twenty-plus year old agency, ArtVisions™, who will handle all exclusive licenses.

    Since ArtVisions is a full-service licensing agency, it is relatively easy to upgrade to an Exclusive license. Meaning that the exclusive image will not be licensed to a competitor during the term of your license with us.


    Floral impressions by Gigi Hoeller.

    Canadian artist, Gigi Hoeller is a prolific painter. It is her eye-catching expressionistic floral art which she characterizes as, "macro florals" that have maximum impact. We call these delightful artworks, Hearts of Flowers, and hope that you will use her spectacular floral paintings to enhance (and thereby sell) more of your products.
    Gigi’s formal art training includes specialized studies at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design and the Studio Art Program at Capilano College, both in Canada.