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  • Easy Licensing

    Prepaid Managed "Easy Licensing" from ArtVisions is fast, simple and safe.Terms and fees are clearly stated before you order. Easy as 1-2-3. Select Artwork; add your name, email + web link to our convenient form; place your order.

    Easy Licensing - simple form...

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    Once payment clears (usually one business day), we will email a download link to you. Fees are payable in ($USD).

    Most Artists Are Exclusively Represented by ArtVisions

    This means that it is very unlikely that you will ever see one of our RM images on a competitor's product!

    In order to keep prices reasonably low, we offer non-exclusive, world-wide licenses. Because we operate as a boutique licensing source, it is unlikely that you will need exclusive licenses. But, we offer an option for exclusivity for your product-type, incurring a slightly higher licensing fee.

    "Boutique", as we use it here, means that access to the image gallery service is semi-private and a small group of pre-qualified artists are represented.

    We will be using imagery primarily from a twenty-plus year old agency, ArtVisions™, who will handle all exclusive licenses.

    Since ArtVisions is a full-service licensing agency, it is relatively easy to upgrade to an Exclusive license. Meaning that the exclusive image will not be licensed to a competitor during the term of your license with us.


    About Viki Horat

    Viki Horat's art beautifully depicts everyday objects and florals.
    She has been drawing and painting since childhood - and says, “I fell in love with watercolor the first moment I laid my brush on the white paper. It is always the most exciting moment of the painting process. I want my paintings to touch people with emotion.
    I want the viewer to feel happy, sad, poignant, or simply an appreciation of life and the beautiful things around us.”