Sep. 25, 2020


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Artwork ID   Licensed imprint size: up to up to 324sq-inches [823cm] (e.g. up to 18"x18"). Licensed Substrate: Licensee Choice. Product Use: Greetings.

EASY LICENSE TERMS License Term: a maximum of Two (2) Years or 5,000 imprints, whichever shall first occur. License Territory: World-wide. Non-refundable fee: $475 USD per single image licensed under this Grant.

LICENSE ACCEPTANCE BY LICENSEE Subject to Agent confirmation of availability of Artwork for non-exclusive licensing, your payment is your agreement to the terms hereof.

Effective upon Agent confirmation of availability and the receipt and credit of payment in the specified amount to Agent's account, Agent grants, under the terms and conditions noted above, a non- exclusive, non-transferable, royalty bearing license to the Artwork described herein to "Licensee", and only for the Fees, Term and Territory and Licensed Products set forth in the Easy License Terms Agreemant and this License Grant.

YOUR PAYMENT OF THE LICENSE FEE CONSTITUTES YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF AGREEMENT PARTS ENTITLED, "Easy License Terms Agreement" and this Easy License Grant & Order Sheet (details above).

GENERAL TERMS Easy License Terms Agreement and Easy License Non-exclusive Grant
The Licensee shall have no right, license or permission except as expressly granted via Easy License Terms Agreement and Easy License Non-exclusive Grant. In the event a provision of the Easy License Non-exclusive Grant conflicts with any provision of the Easy License Terms Agreement, then the terms of the License Grant shall prevail. All rights not specifically transferred by this Agreement are reserved to Artist and Agent.

If you want more than one image, please list ID#'s in the comments block below. We will determine if additional grants (1 per image id) are required, or if a "traditional" license would serve you better."


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